Popular Linux Distributions
Ubuntu vs Linux Mint
There are many Linux distributions out there, each one has Linux Kernel at its core but packs their own features and components depending the target audience for the Distribution.
So no matter what kind of user you are there is always a Distribution that fits for your needs. With Windows and Mac OS X if there are some aspects that you don’t like there is not much you can do about it.
Linux offers choices and flexibility with its long list of Distros. With a large number of Linux Distros you cannot consider whats better and whats not by just looking at its User Interface. You need to consider it by what it does. For example the best General Purpose Distro is Ubuntu, the best beginner Distro is Linux Mint, and the best multimedia Distro is Ubuntu Studio. If you are not satisfied with the User Interface of a distribution that fits your needs there will be different Desktop Interfaces for your preferred Distro. For example Ubuntu is available in many flavors like KDE, and Gnome. So weather you are a beginner or a expert and you have been around Linux for years there is your opinion on whats the best Distro.

1. Ubuntu

Ubuntu 12.04 Live
Ubuntu is the most popular and powerful Linux Distro available right now. Ubuntu’s mission was to bring Linux to the masses with their clean Unity UI. Ubuntu is based on Debain and probably the best Distro available for Laptops & Notebooks. Anyone with a little knowledge to use computers with either Windows or Linux can install Ubuntu on their PC. Ubuntu offers two ways to install it, Install inside windows like any other windows application or Burn the iso into a bootable disk. If you want to try or start using Linux, Ubuntu is a great place to start.
Additional Information
Official Website: http://www.ubuntu.com
Installation Tutorial: (Install by Boot-able Disk) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GraphicalInstall
Installation Tutorial 2: (Install by Wubi Installer) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide

2. Linux Mint

Linux Mint
Linux Mint 13 RC
Linux Mint is also a very popular Linux Distribution and probably the best Linux Distro for Desktop Computers. Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu and comes with many flavors like Cinnamon Desktop, MATE Desktop, KDE Desktop, and Xfce Desktop. Linux Mint is one of the best beginner Linux Distro available today and while the Ubuntu was walking its way through this path Linux Mint took over and carried it much further.
Additional Information
Official Website: http://www.linuxmint.com/

3. Debian

Debian KDE Desktop
Debian has a very long history and it is well known to many people for its rock solid stability and updates in every few years. So if you want to run Linux with seriously outdated hardware Debian will work on them like a charm. There are lots of developers who support Debian for long time and a huge community who supports Debian. Debian is very stable and the foundation for many popular Distros and even the first one of our list Ubuntu is also based on Debian. If you want run Linux on outdated hardware then Debian is a good choice since it updates in every few years.
Additional Information
Official Website: http://www.debian.org/

4. Zorin OS

Zorin OS
Zorin OS 6
Zorin OS is designed for people transitioning from Windows. It’s UI looks very similar to Windows 7. Zorin OS comes with a unique tool called “Zorin Look Changer” that can change you desktop’s visual appearance to look like older versions of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Unlike many other Linux Distros the Zorin OS comes with a Free and Premium version. Free version comes with some limitations. It is available to download from their website. The premium version of Zorin OS comes in four packages: Ultimate, Business, Multimedia, and Gaming. They all are available to download upon donating.
Additional Information
Official Website: http://zorin-os.com/
Installation Tutorial: http://zorin-os.com/installguide.html

5. Fedora

Fedora 18
Fedora is the Red Hat’s community Linux Distribution. It is available in four flavors: KDE, Gnome, LXDE, and Xfce. A new version of Fedora comes out every 6 months with new updates, features, drivers, and cutting edge technologies.
Additional Information
Official Website: http://fedoraproject.org/
Installation Tutorial: http://www.wikihow.com/Install-Fedora

I have used many Linux Distros and I personally use Ubuntu on my home PC. So whats your favorite Distro? Mention them in comments. Thanks for reading.