I Heard her crying (a dream)

The night was already half way through and i was
taking turns after turns to sleep somehow but all
in vain. The sleep was stucked somewhere near the
eye lashes and therefore making me sleepless.
When i realised it is no use to try anything more,
i got up and approached towards the window for
taking fresh air. Slowly i drew the curtains aside
and it was dark outside probably the darkest
evernight i had ever seen in my life time and this
darkest night was accompained by the complete
hush, making it a dreadful night. The moon was
at skip, the stars gone somewere. The dogs had
stopped barking and frogs weren'tcroaking any
more. It wasa terrible night as if i was watching a
horror movie. Now my heart was beating fast and
i could hear every beat of it. I began mumbling"
What has happened to the city?Where the other
people have gone? What will happen to me, i am
all alone in this desolate world" i felt totally
In between all this i heard a cry, yes a cry
someone was crying outside and that cry freezed
me. I was in a fix. My throat had gone dry and
the whole body shaking and shivering butsomehow
i mustered some courage, i willy-nilly took the
torch opened the door and went outside, hunting
forthat voice and the cry. I looked around but
there was nothing. I in a low pitched voice
shouted"Hey! who is this? But no one replied
back, i again out of the curiosity shouted the
same and again there was no reply. I started
walking back to my house and suddenly in a
tired and low voice someone invisible repliedback
"It is me" I in a jiffy looked back craning my
neck here and there to see who was talking but
my eyes could find no one. Again i shouted who
are you and why are you crying? Back came the
reply "This is me, your motherland, your Kashmir.
I am crying because i have been destroyed,
Obliterated, ravaged and what not. I have been
turned from green to red, my blood spilled out
and my peace snatched by those wickedmonstours
jackals. They murdered my sons and tore them
apart. They raped my daughters and left me in
this darkness nay totally stranded.
Now what annoys and disappoints me the most is
that my other sons who are still alive and safe
ditched me. They think that those monstersare
their friends but they are just the jackals in the
sheeps clothing. I feel worried about them
because those monsters won't even spare them. I
beg my sons to wake up struggle, fight and make
me free from these jackals before it is too late.
Please save me save me save your motherland.
Before i could say something my mom came and
asked me to get up from the sleep.
By war4u