Peer Baba Shakur-Ud-Din Wali shrine at Bandipora Kashmir

Born at Arith Pargana, Machhama, District Baba Shakur-Ud-Din Wali by Bandipora -
Budgam in 790. as per the Islamic calendar.
Shakur-Us-Din Wali was a religious person and
a hard worker. As he grew, he came under
influence of two pious people, He traced out one
of them Sheikh Noor-Ud-Din wali at Charar-e-
Sharif who sent him to Ashmuqam, Islamabad
where he met Hazrat Zainudin Reshi from whom
he received spritual knowledge. After a few
years, he was told to go to Sharikot(Snagri) and
meditate there. Here, the Peer baba assisted the
locals and performed mericales. As his fame
grew, people from all religions , flocked to thim
for help and spritual guidance. Baba reshi of
Tangmarg/Gulmarg fame was once his assistant,
and impressed by his services Baba shakuruddin
blessed him and settled him in Tangmarg. Baba
Reshi gifted a decorated wooden door to the
Shrine, know to have spritual powers(This door is
permanantly displayed at the entrance to the
shrine), in 870 Hijri, Baba dug a grace for
hislelf and stepped into it. Lakhs of whrshippers
visit his Ziarat for pilgrimage and to have
homapte to the great saint who did not
discrimnate between hindus and muslims. The
peer baba is also known as Topandaz-e-kashmir
and is locally believed to neutralize evils, for
well bineg of people of kashmir. 27th of Islamic
Calendar Month Jamadi-Us-Sani is celebrated
the Urs of Baba Shakur-Ud-Din Wali

Article by mujtuba ahmad allaie and shakir ahmad bhat