Whatsapp launches calling feature

We’ve been hearing rumors for a while
now about WhatsApp launching voice
calling on its Android app. The
feature is indeed available in the app’s latest
version, but you’ll need another user’s help
to activate it.
First, you’ll first need the latest version of
the Android app , which, at the time of
writing is 2.11.561. Then you’ll have to ask a
user who has the feature to call you.
Once you’ve received the call, close the app
and reopen it. You should now see a new
screen with three columns, including one for
You can then call any of your WhatsApp
contacts over VoIP through the app. You may
not be able to reach people running older
versions of the app.
It’s certainly not the most efficient way of
rolling out a feature, but that may be the
point. There’s no word yet on whether the
company will charge for calls in the future.
We’ve contacted WhatsApp to find out more
and will update this post when we hear