Beerwah, Jk is a subdistrict in Central Kashmir and lies in District Budgam.It is one of the oldest
tehsils with one of the largest constituency, towns, and municipal areas committees in the Budgam district of the IOK.
The name Beerwah means "beautiful" in
Sanskrit, and is derived from the name for the springs of Beerwah known as "Behroop."
Geography of Beerwah
Beerwah is located at a height of 5200 ft
above sea level, between 75° E longitude and 34° N latitude at the base of the Pir Panjal mountain range . It is surrounded by plains to the north, east, south, and southwest. The
landscape is made up of plateau-like
terraces known as karewas .
The region contains forested areas with
several mountain rivers and streams,
including the Mala Kol, Lear Kol, Ahij Kol, Laen, Zaen, Mean and Sona Mean. The Ahij
Kol, Laen and Sona Maen share a source at Sukhnag. The Mala Kol is locally known as the
"deaf and dumb stream" due to a legend
that when saint Syed Taj-ud-Din arrived in
Khag, the stream silently followed him from
Sukhnag to Sikandarpora. Local elders
continue to tell stories about other local
• Total 6,500
• Density 1.3/km 2 (3.4/sq mi)
(Reported in 2011)
• Total 5,000 km 2 (2,000 sq)

Important places in beerwah
* Revenue office
* post offices,
* fire station
* banks
* police stations regional courts
* three subdivision hospitals
* multiple health care units
* subdivision magistrate (SDM) office
* Syed Ali Memorial Institute of Education(SAMIE SCHOOL)
* Mazhar ul Haq high school
* Boys Higher Secondary School, and
Girls Higher Secondary School
* Govt Degree college Beerwah


The economy in Beerwah includes smaller businesses such as carpet design (Kaleen in the Kashmiri language), shawl design and
knitwork, and embroidery. Kashmiri carpets
and shawls are marketed internationally, but
due to increasing prices, family pressure and
low income, local textile makers have shifted
to other businesses.

Crops grown include rice, mustard,
vegetables, apples, walnuts, pears, apricots,cherries and almonds.etc


As of 2011 India census, Beerwah had a
population of 6295, consisting of 53% men
and 47% women. Beerwah has an average
literacy rate of 43%, lower than the national
average of 59.5%. 61% of men and 39% of
women are literate. 16% of the population is
under 6 years of age. Beerwah is the largest
constituency in the Badgam district by
number of voters.

Article by zubair war

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