5 Reasons why Kashmir is Amazing

Kashmir is considered "PARADISE ON EARTH" and is it is right.Kashmir is really like Heaven on earth.it has green meadows,snow clad mountains,gurgling and roaring streams with ice cold water, thousand varieties of flowers, birds and animals and it has got the best thing that is most famous all over the world that is People of kashmir.
So Here are top 5 reasons that why Kashmir is Amazing

Kashmir is full of scenic natural beauty and most of it is untouched.The Beautiful tourist places of kashmir are just the original copies of nature .However Hotels,Restaurants and shops are available but they are mostly  on the entrance or to one side.The land is unavailable for buying however one can get land on lease or for a fixed time.

2.Whole kashmir is Beautiful

This is the most important reason why you should visit Kashmir and why kashmir is Amazing.Not only tourist spots and mountains in kashmir are beautiful but whole kashmir is beautiful.Villages in kashmir very beautiful and sometimes you can see such villages which are more beautiful than Gulmarg, pahalgham, sonamarg and other such places.The villages are mostly Green with lot of trees,A Big open meadow for grazing of  cattle and playgrounds for children.A river or stream will definetly be through a village where the people get water.
The rivers are most beautiful in kashmir because the water is crystal clear and ice cold and it freshns even your single Rbc.

I will definetly bet on it. Kashmir has got all the reasons that why you should visit it.Kashmir got the best scenic beauty, Great water lakes, houseboats, Shikaras, Highest car cable network Gulmarg Gondola, Awesome Dishes "wazwan" and also Five star Hotels and Restaurants, Amusement parks, Gardens, Horse riding, boating, trekking, skiing,golf,mountaineering and so much more .i guess if there is any thing which you can't do in kashmir,no.

4.Amazing People
Kashmiri people are really Amazing.If u gonna tell someone you wanna know more about kashmir i gonna bet you will be invited for a dinner or lunch for sure.Kashmiri people are really very soft hearted .If you ever come on a trip to kashmir you will surely leave kashmir with a lot of friends that will keep in touch with you all their lives.kashmiri people are bot greedy like we see in many cities that rob you through their kind talks.You will get things very cheap in kashmir.originality is what kashmir is all about.
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5.Worlds amazing Flora and fauna

Kashmir is very rich in flora and fauna.i think it is impossible to describe full flora and fauna of kashmir.

The flora of Himalayan Kashmir comprises about 3,054 species. About 880 species are found in Ladakh. The flora of the Jammu district comprises 506 species.

The fauna of Jammu and Kashmir is diverse due to its unique location and climatic condition. About 16% of the Indian mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and butterflies are presented in the state. Birds contribute much to the chordate
diversity following by mammals, reptiles, fishes and amphibians. The state is home to about 75 species of mammals, besides several sub-species, belonging to 54 genera, 21 families and 8 orders. Carnivores represent 32% of the total mammalian fauna in the state. Of the 19 species of the ungulates reported from the state, 13 have been listed as globally threatened.