Seasons of Kashmir - when to visit kashmir

Kashmir is known as "paradise on Earth". Well this saying tells you everything about kashmir. Thousands of people visit kashmir every month. There is no special month to come to kashmir. You can enjoy your trip in kashmir at anytime for example if you come in winter, you will find the snow filled meadows and high snow cladden mountains beautiful , if u come in summer you will find the cool breeze that will refresh your soul, green meadow, flowers, gardens, gurgling cold streams and much more. Autumn has its own beauty, the chinars, gardens  and flowers just look awesome. In Spring you will feel nature at its best. Spring in kashmir is awesome. Its the return of greenary, you will find blossoms of almond apple, pear and other trees.

Friends today i am going to tell you about seaons in kashmir.just check below


snow, skiing, winter games, ice skating, and much more.

Blossoms , new flowers, melting snow and glaciers, Refreshing atmosphere ,


Green meadows and gardens, GOLF, Summer games, rafting, mountaineering, 
Camping, horse riding, swimming, gushing
streams, majestic lakes, the maple Tree groves and much more.

Gold coloured valley, Red carpeted garden, Harvesting of saffron, brown mountains adoring beauty , Apple picking, amber look of ripe and mellow grass, rustle of the fallen leaves, the fragrance of flowers ,