Airtel is being discriminated by Online recharge gaints like paytm and freecharge

Hello friends itz zubair war here. Being an airtel customer i have seen discrimination by Recharge gaints like paytm and freecharge for airtel. Recently i had to pay Rs 1800 as bill for my airtel no. And i was searching for cashback offers for airtel postpaid bill payment. I was surprised to see that there was not even a single offer for airtel postpaid and even not for airtel prepaid, landline and dth .
On every cashback promocode you will see "NOT APPLICABLE FOR AIRTEL USERS".
Same is the case with freecharge and other online recharging companies.
Cashback and promo codes were the tools used by these online recharging companies to lure customers to recharge.
I don't know why airtel is being treated like a step son . If u have any info plz do comment below ..

And one message for these online recharge companies is that plz don't discriminate airtel users . We the airtel users also want some benefits . Airtel is the one of largest companies of india so better to give benefits to majority.
"Make the nation prosper and you will prosper.. "