156) Who was the president of Drafting Committee?
Ans G M Sadiq
157) Till When the Title of Sadre-e-Riyasat for Governor and Prime Minister for Chief Minister was used in
Ans 1965
158 ) When did Jammu and Kashmir Acceded with India?
Ans 26th Oct, 1947
159) Which section of constitution, describes the Relationship of state with Union of India?
Ans Section-3
160) How many schedules are these are in the Constitution of J&K?
Ans 7 Schedules
161) Which section deals with right of permanent residents?
Ans Section-10
162) In how many parts, Constitution of J&K divided?
Ans 13 Parts
163) Under which section Governor rule can be imposed in J&K?
Ans Section-92
164) Which Section Deals with Right to Free and Compulsory Education?
Ans Section-20
165) Which is the Official Language of J&K?
Ans Urdu
166) Which section provides for Separation of Judiciary from Executive?
Ans Section 18167) Which section provides for Equality and Secularism?
Ans Section-25
168) Which section provides the Limit on Legislative and Executive Powers of state? 
Ans Section-5
169) Which Part of Constitutions Deals with Directive Principles of State Policy?
Ans Part-IV
170) Which part of constitution deals with rights of Permanent residents?
Ans Part-III
171) Which Schedule of J&K’s constitution deals with Regional Languages?
Ans Schedule VI
172) Which is the only right that has been added in the Indian Constitutional History and it not extended to
Ans Right to Education
173) Which Part of Constitution deals with Executive?
Ans Part-V
174) Which Section provides for provisions related to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir?
Ans Section-48
175) As per the Section-48 of Constitution, how many Assembly seat
176) Under which section, Judges of High court can be removed
Ans Section-99
177) Which Section provides for appointment of Governor?
Ans Section-27
178) Which Part of J&K’s constitution deals with public grievances?
Ans Part-IX
179) As per the Section-5 of J&K constitution, state can make Laws on all matters, except 
Ans Defense, Foreign Affairs, Finance and Communication
180) Which Part provides for amendment of Constitution?
Ans Part XII
181) Which Part of J&K Constitution Deals with Elections?
Ans Part X
182) Which Section of J&K’s constitution deals with Rights of Women? 
Ans Section-22
183) Who is the Head of the state in J&K , as per Section 26 of J&K’s constitution?

Ans Governor
184) Which Section deals with “ Rights of Children”?
Ans Section-21
185) Which Part of Constitution deals with Transmonal Provisions?
Ans PartXIII
186) Which Part of Constitution deals with The High court?
Ans Part-VII
187) Can Union of India Declare Financial Emergency in J&K?
Ans No
188) In which case, Emergency can be declared in Jammu and Kashmir
Ans In case of War, External Aggression
189) Which section of J&K’s constitution states that “The state of Jammu and Kashmir is and shall be an
Integral part of Union of India?”
Ans Section-3
190) Which section provides for Protection of Governor?
Ans : Sec 143