Jkssb International Questions

United Nations Organisation
 *The name UNO was suggested by
 Ans : F. D. Roosevelt
 *UNO was formally came into existence on
 Ans : October 24,1945
 *UN day is observed on
 Ans : October 24
 *Headquarters of UNO
 Ans : Manhattan (New York)
 *The main aim of UNO
 Ans : Peace and Human dignity
 *Motto of UNO
 Ans : It's Your World
 *UN Flag was adopted on
 Ans : October 20, 1947
 *Colour of UN Flag
 Ans : Light Blue 
*Design of UN Flag
 Ans : World map surrounded by two olive branches 
*UN Emblem was designed by 
Ans : Donal McLaughlin
 *The Secretary General of the UN is elected by the General assembly on recommendation of the
 Ans : Security Council
 *The only body in which all UN members are represented
 Ans: General Assembly
 *First General meeting of UNO was held in 
Ans : London(1946)
 *The largest subsidiary body of UNO 
Ans : Economic and Social Council
 *The Constitution of the United Nations Organisation
 Ans : UN Charter 
*The Preamble of the UN was prepared by 
Ans : Field Marshal Smuts
 *UN Charter was signed on 
Ans : June 26,1945 
*The meeting in which the UN Charter was signed
 Ans : San Francisco
 *UN Charter came into force on 
Ans : October 24,1945 
*The number of countries signed in the UN Charter in its first phase 
Ans : 50
 *India signed in the UN Charter on 
Ans : October 30,1945 
*The Indian representative to sign in the UN Charter
 Ans : Ramaswamy Muthaliyar 
*51st country to sign in UN Charter 
Ans : Poland
 *The executive body of the United Nations 
Ans : Security Council
 *The five permanent members of UNO
 Ans : China, France, Russia, Britain and USA
 *Human Rights Declaration made by UNO on 
Ans : December 10,1948 
*Human Rights Day is observed on 
Ans : December 10
 *Number of official languages of UNO 
Ans : 6
 *Official Languages of UNO
 Ans : English, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Spanish Working Languages of UNO English and French
 *The 6th Language Arabic was preferred as the Official Language of UN in
 Ans : 1973
 *UN Celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 
Ans : 1995
 *European headquarters of UN 
Ans : Geneva
 *Asian and European countries which are not the members of UN
 Ans : Taiwan and Vatican respectively
 *Number of representatives on the commencement of UNO
 Ans : 51
 *The Secretary General of UN is elected by the General Assembly on the recommendation of
 Ans : Security Council
 *First Secretary General of UNO
 Ans : Trygve Lie
 *The present and 9th Secretary General of UN
 Ans : Antonio Guterres
 *Antonio Guterres belongs to
 Ans : Portugal
 *The UN Library is known as
 Ans : Hammarskjold Library
 *First person who received Nobel prize posthumously in 1961
 Ans : Dag Hammarskjold
 *The organisation of UN dedicated exclusively to children
 *Total membership of UNO at present 
Ans : 193
 *190th member of UNO 
Ans : .Switzerland
 *191st member of UNO
 Ans : East Timor
 *192nd member of UNO 
Ans : Montenegro
 *193rd member of UNO
 Ans : South Sweden
 *The smallest UN member in terms of population
 Ans : Nauru
 *The smallest UN member in terms of area
 Ans : Monaco
 *The UN Library is located in
 Ans : Newyork
 *The UN University Is located in
 Ans : Tokyo
 *The UN Peace University is located in
 Ans : Costa Rica
 *UN Women was formed on
 Ans : July 2,2010
 *UN Women became operational in 
Ans : January 2011 
*Headquarters of UN Women 
Ans : New York
 *First Indian to become the President of UN General Assembly
 Ans : Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit (1953)
 *The General Assembly meeting is described as
 Ans : 'Town meeting of the world'
 *The United Nations Inter regional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) is located at
 Ans : Turin (Italy)
 *The Trusteeship Council was suspended in operation on
 Ans : November 1,1994 (with the independence of Palau)

 *Sixth Organ of UNO
 Ans : The Trusteeship Council
 *The General Assembly
 Ans : New York
 *The Security Council
 Ans : New York
 *The Economic and Social Council
 Ans : New York
 *International Court of Justice
 Ans : Hague
 *The Secretariat
 Ans : New York

 *Only body of UN in which every member of the organization is represented and allowed to vote
 Ans : General Assembly 
*The role General Assembly
 Ans : To discuss issues and make recommendations
 *The majority required for implementing a decision in UN General Assembly
 Ans : Two third
 *The organ of UN known as World Parliament
 Ans : General Assembly 
* The UN General Assembly is presided over by 
Ans : Secretary General
 *First President of UN General Assembly
 Ans : Paul Henri Spaak
 *The term of President and Vice President of UN General Assembly
 Ans : 1 year
 *Number of major committees of UN General Assembly
 Ans : Seven
 *Number of representatives to UN General Assembly by a member country
 Ans : Five
 * Present Deputy Secretary General of UN
 Ans : Amina Mohammed(Nigeria)

 *The main objective of UN Security Council
 Ans : World Peace
 *Number of member countries in UN Security Council
 Ans : Fifteen
 *Number of permanent members in UN Security Council
 Ans : 5
 *Number of temporary members in UN Security Council
 Ans : 10
 *The term of temporary members in UN Security Council
 Ans : 2
 *Permanent members in UN Security Council are otherwise known as
 Ans : P-5 Countries
 *Permanent members are
 * China 
* France 
* Russia 
* Britain 
 *The power of five Permanent Members of UN Security Council to prevent the adoption of any "substantive" resolution
 Ans : Veto Power

 *Number of member countries in the Economic and Social Council
 Ans : 54
 *The term of members of Economic and Social Council
 Ans : Three years(1/3 members retire each year)
 *Main objective of Economic and Social Council
 Ans : To implement the economic and social values
 *The operations of World Health Organization (WHO) and UNESCO were controlled by
 Ans : Economic and Social Council
 *Number of Commissions working under Economic and Social Council
 Ans : Twelve

 *The only organisation of UN which has the headquarters outside New York
 Ans : ICJ
 *Headquarters of IG
 Ans : Hague (Netherland)
 *The International Court of Justice is composed of
 Ans : 15 judges
 *The term of Judges in the International Court of Justice
 Ans : Nine Years
 *The clients of International court of justice
 Ans : Member Countries
 *Working languages of International Court of Justice
 Ans : English and French
 *Indians who became the judges of ICJ are
 Ans : B.N. Rao
 Justice Nagendar Singh 
Justice R.S. Pathak 
Dalveer Bhandari
 *First Indian to become the judge of ICJ
 Ans : B.N.Rao
 *ICJ was established in
 Ans : 1945

 *First Indian to become the President of ICJ 
Ans : Justice Nagendar Singh 
*The Indian Judge who was nominated to ICJ in 2012
 Ans : Dalveer Bhandari 

 *The main objective of the UN Secretariat 
Ans : To carry on the UN daily rules 
*The administrative centre of UN 
Ans : Secretariat
 *The principal head of the Secretariat Secretary General First Civil Servant in the World Secretary General The person known as the arbitrator of the world
 Ans : Secretary General 
*The official term of Secretary General 
Ans : Five years
 *First Deputy Secretary General
 Ans : Louise Frechette

 *First European - Trygve Lie
 *First AsIan - Yu-tant
 *First African -Dr. Butros Gali
 *Died in Harness - Dag Hammerskjoeld
 *Resigned first - Trygve Lie
 *Got Nobel prize - Dag Hammarskjoeld (1961) Koffe Annan (2001)
 *Present - Antonio Guterres

 Ans : Geneva
 *ILO was formed in 
Ans : 1919
 *Number of member countries 
Ans : 187
 *The motto of ILO
 Ans : If you desire peace,cultivate justice
 *First Special Agency of UNO 
Ans : ILO
 *ILO became the Special Agency of UNO in 
Ans : 1946
 *ILO got Nobel Prize for Peace in 
Ans : 1969

 Ans : Rome
 *FAO was formed on
 Ans : October 16,1945 
*Number of member countries 
Ans : 194
 Ans : 'Let there be bread'
 *First agency of UN formed after second world war 
Ans : FAO
 *World Food day is observed on 
Ans : October 16
 *The UN member country which is not a member of the FAO
 Ans : Liechtenstein

 *Formed on
 Ans : November 16,1945 
Ans : Paris
 *Number of member countries 
Ans : 195
 Ans : "We must construct the defenses of peace in the minds of women and men"
 *The Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation of UNO 
 *The International organisation which prepares World Heritage List 
 *The Kalinga Prize is given by 
 *Kalinga Prize was instituted in 
Ans : 1952
 *The Indian Chief Minister who took initiative to start Kalinga Prize 
Ans : Biju Patnaik
 *First awardee of Kalinga Prize 
Ans : Louis De Broglie 
*First Indian to receive Kalinga Prize 
Ans : Jagajith Singh
 *The Biosphere Reserve which became the part of UNESCO heritage list in 2016 
Ans : Agasthyamala
 *The temple in Kerala which won the UNESCO Excellence Award in 2015 
Ans : Vadakkumnathan Temple

*Kanchenjunga National Park(Sikkim)
 *Capitol Complex(Chandigarh)
 *Nalanda Mahavihara(Bihar)

 *World health day
 Ans : April 7 (Formation day of WHO) 
*The publication of WHO
 Ans : World Health Report
 *The Indian woman who was the President of WHO
 Ans : Rajkumari Amrit Kaur 
*First woman Director General of WHO 
Ans : Gro Harlem Bundtland

 Ans : Vienna
 *IAEA was formed on 
Ans : July 29,1957 
*Number of member countries 
Ans : 168
 Ans : 'Atom for Peace'
 *To implement the use of nuclear weapons for peace settlements is the main objective of 
Ans : IAEA
 *IAEA got the Nobel Prize for Peace in 
Ans : 2005
 *First President of IAEA 
Ans : W. Sterling Cole
 *168th Member country of IAEA 
Ans : Turkmenistan
 *The safe guard office of IAEA is located at 
Ans : Tokyo (Japan) and Toronto (Canada)

 Ans : New York
 *UNICEF was formed on
 Ans : December 11,1946
 *Number of member countries
 Ans : 193
 *To provide long-term humanitarian and development assistance to children and mothers in developing countries is the main objective of 
 *The special agency of UNICEF for the welfare of children 
 *UNICEF was declared 'as the permanent agency of UN in 
Ans : 1953
 *UNICEF got Nobel prize for peace in
 Ans : 1965
 * The global goodwill ambassador of UNICEF in 2016 
Ans : Priyanka Chopra
 *The goodwill ambassador of UNICEF in 2017
 Ans : Shahrukh Khan

Ans : Geneva
 *UNHCR was formed on
 Ans : December 14,1950 
*Number of Member countries in UNHCR 
Ans : 120
 *To protect and support refugees is the main objective of 
 *UNHCR observes World Refugee day on 
Ans : June 20
 *UNHCR declared World Refugee Year during
 Ans : 1959 - 1960
 *UNHCR got Nobel prizes for Peace in 
Ans : 1954 and 1981

 Ans : Washington DC
 *World Bank was formed on
 Ans : December 27,1945
 *Motto of World Bank
 Ans : Working for a world free of poverty
 *World's largest Bank
 Ans : World Bank
 *To provide financial assistance to poor and developed countries is the main objective of
 Ans : World Bank

 *The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)
 *The International Development Association (IDA)
 * International Financial Corporation (IFC)
 * Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)
 *International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)
 *It has 189 members in IBRD and 173 members in 
Ans : IDA
 *First president of World Bank
 Ans : Eugene Meyer
 *World Bank President is nominated by 
Ans : American President 
*First country to avail loan from the World bank
 Ans : France
 * The Bank which is associated with the term Third Window'
 Ans : World Bank
 * World Development Report (WDR) is published by
 Ans : World bank
 *World Development Report is published since 
Ans : 1978

 * Headquarters
 Ans : Washington DC 
*Formed on
 Ans : December 27,1945 
*Became operational on 
Ans : March 1,1947 
*Member Countries 
Ans : 189
 * IMF Director will be from the continent of 
Ans : Europe
 *Special Drawing Rights (SDR) is issued by
 Ans : IMF
 *Indians who attended, in the Bretton woods Conference
 Ans : R.K.Shanmugham Chetty and C.D.Deshmukh
 *First woman to become the Managing Director of IMF
 Ans : Christine Lagarde
 *The world famous Economist who participated in the meeting for the formation of IMF
 Ans : Irving Fisher
 *To secure financial stability, facilitate, International trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth and reduce poverty around the world are the main objectives of 
Ans : IMF

Ans : Geneva 
*WMO was formed in 
Ans : 1950 
*Number of member countries 
Ans : 191 
*The UN Agency which studies the world climate and other atmospheric phenomena 
Ans : WMO
 *The predecessor of WMO
 Ans : International Meteorological Organization (IMO)
 *International Meteorological Organization was founded in
 Ans : 1873

 Ans : Geneva
 *ITU was formed on
 Ans : May 17/1865
 *A specialized agency of the United Nations that is responsible for issues that concern information and communication technologies
 Ans : ITU
 *May 17
 Ans : World Telecommunication Day 
*November 21
 Ans : World Television Day

 * Headquarters 
* Geneva 
* UNCHR was formed in 
* 1946 
*UNCHR became the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in 
Ans : 2006
 *UN General Assembly passed the Human Rights Resolution on
 Ans : December 10,1948 
*International Human Rights Day is observed on
 Ans : December 10
 *The architect of UN Human Rights Proclamation
 Ans : John Peters Humphrey 
*The American President who described the Human Rights proclamation as the International Magna Carta of all mankind 
Ans : Franklin.D.Roosevelt 
*UN started to observe Human Rights Day since 
Ans : 1950

Ans : Geneva
 *UNCTAD was formed in
 Ans : 1964
 *Member Countries
 Ans : 194
 *First meeting of UNCTAD was held in 
Ans : 1964 (Geneva)
 *Second meeting of UNCTAD was held in 
Ans : 1968 (New Delhi)

 Ans : Geneva
 *WIPO was formed in
 Ans : 1967
 *Member Countries
 Ans : 189
 *WIPO became the special agency of UNO in 
Ans : 1974
 *Intellectual Property Day is observed on 
Ans : April 26
 *Second meeting of UNCTAD was held in 
Ans : 1968 (New Delhi)
 *To encourage creative activity, to promote the protection of intellectual property throughout the world is the main objective of
 Ans : WIPO

Ans : Geneva
 *WTO was formed on 
Ans : January 1,1995
 *Member Countries 
Ans : 164
 *Official languages
 Ans : English, French, Spanish
 *The predecessor of WTO 
Ans : GATT
 (General Agreement on-Tariffs and Trade)
 *The agreement signed by 123 nations on 15 April 1994 for replacing the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 
Ans : Marrakesh Agreement 
*GATT came into effect on 
Ans : January 1,1948
 *India became the member of WTO on 
Ans : January 1,1995
 *161st Member country of WTO
 Ans : Seychelles
 *162nd Member country of WTO
 Ans : Kazakhstan
 *163rd Member country of WTO
 Ans : Liberia
 *164th Member country of WTO
 Ans : Afghanistan

Ans : Nairobi 
*Formed on
 Ans : June 5,1972
 Ans : Environment for Development
 *The UN Agency to coordinate its environmental activities, assisting developing countries in implementing environmentally sound policies and practices
 Ans : UNEP
 *The message of 2016 World Environment Day
 Ans : 'Go Wild For Life'

 Ans : Marlborough House (London) 
*Came into effect in 
Ans : 1931
 *Member countries 
Ans : 53
 *53rd member country 
Ans : Rwanda
 *Countries left from the Commonwealth Nations
 Ans : Ireland, Zimbabwe
 *The meeting which caused the formation of Commonwealth Nations
 Ans : Imperial Meeting
 *Imperial Meeting was held in
 Ans : 1926
 *Former name of Commonwealth
 Ans : British Commonwealth
 *The symbolic head of Commonwealth
 Ans : British King or Queen
 *Commonwealth Secretariat came into effect in
 Ans : 1965
 *The head of the Commonwealth Secretariat
 Ans : Secretary
 *First Secretary of the Commonwealth
 Ans : Arnold Smith
 *First Indian to become the Secretary of Commonwealth
 Ans : Kamalesh Sharma
 *The meeting of Commonwealth heads is known as
 Ans : CHOGM
 Ans : Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 
*First CHOGM meeting was held in 
Ans : 1971 (Singapore)
 *CHOGM meeting in India was held at 
Ans : Goa(1983)
 *The member countries in Commonwealth which were not the colonies of Britain 
Ans : Rwanda, Mozambique 
*Indian State in which the Commonwealth cemetery is situated 
Ans : Manipur
 *Largest country in Commonwealth Nation in terms of area 
Ans : Canada
 *Most populated Commonwealth Country 
Ans : India

 *International Commonwealth sport event which is attended by member “Countries ”
 Ans : Commonwealth Games 
*Father of Commonwealth Games 
Ans : Ashley Cooper.
 *Motto of Commonwealth Games
 Ans : Humanity, Equality, Destiny 
*First Commonwealth Games was held in 
Ans : Hamilton (Canada; 1730) 
*Number of member countries participated in the first Commonwealth games 
Ans : 11

 *The Conference which caused the
 formation of NAM
 Ans : Bandung Conference (Indonesia)
 * Bandung Conference was held in 
Ans : 1955
 * The idea of NAM was proposed by 
Ans : V.K. Krishna Menon 
* NAM was formed in 
Ans : 1961
 *First meeting of NAM was held in 
Ans : Belgrade (1961)
 *The basics of NAM
 Ans : Panchasheel Agreement 
*The leaders who took initiative to the formation of NAM
 Ans : Jawaharlal Nehru,Marshal Tito (President, Yugoslavia)Gamal Abdul Nazar (President, Egypt)
 *NAM doesn't have a permanent headquarters
 *The number of countries which took part in the first meeting of NAM 
Ans : 25
 *First Indian to become the Secretary General of NAM
 Ans : Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
 *The related agency of NAM 
Ans : AFRICA Fund 
*Action for Resisting Invasion Colonialisation and Apartheid First Chairman of AFRICA Fund 
Ans : Rajiv Gandhi

 Ans : Kathmandu (Nepal)
 *Founded on
 Ans : December 8,1985 (Dhaka)
 *Member countries
 Ans : 8
 *Member countries
 Ans : Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Maldives, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka
 *Last member
 Ans : Afghanistan (2007)
 *The idea of SAARC was put forward by -
 Ans : Zia-Ur - Rahman(Bangladesh President)
 *The summit which decided to form SAARC
 Ans : Dhaka Summit (1985)
 *First Chairman of SAARC
 Ans : H.M.Ershad
 *First General Secretary of SAARC
 Ans : Abdul Ahzar
 *The idea of SAARC was put forward by 
 Ans : Zia-Ur-Rahman(Bangladesh President)
 *Largest regional intergovernmental organization
 Ans : SAARC
 *SAARC summits in India were held in
 Ans : 1986; 1995 and 2007
 *SAARC University is situated at
 Ans : New Delhi
 *Cultural capital of SAARC in 2017
 Ans : Dhaka
 * Largest member country in SAARC 
Ans : India
 *Smallest member country in SAARC 
Ans : Maldives
 *SAARC Agricultural Centre 
Ans : Dhaka
 *SAARC Meteorological Research Centre
 Ans : Dhaka
 *SAARC Forestry Centre 
Ans : Thimbu
 *SAARC Development Fund 
Ans : Thimbu
 *SAARC Documentation Centre 
Ans : New Delhi
 *SAARC Disaster Management Centre
 Ans : New Delhi
 *SAARC Coastal Management Centre
 Ans : Male
 *SAARC Information Centre
 Ans : Kathmandu
 * SAARC Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS Centre
 Ans : Kathmandu
 *SAARC Human Resources and Development Centre
 Ans : Islamabad 
*SAARC Energy Centre 
Ans : Islamabad 
*SAARC Cultural Centre 
Ans : Islamabad

 *1989 - SAARC Year of Combating Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking
 *1990 - SAARC Year of Girl Child
 *1991- SAARC Year of Shelter
 *1992 - SAARC Year of Environment
 *1993 - SAARC Year of Disabled Persons
 *1994 - SAARC Year of the Youth
 *1995 - SAARC Year of Poverty Eradication
 *1996 - SAARC Year of Literacy
 *1997 - SAARC Year of Participatory Governance
 *1999 - SAARC Year of Biodiversity Biodiversity 
*2002-2003 - SAARC Year of Contribution of Youth to Environment
 *2004 - SAARC Awareness Year for TB and HIV/AIDS
 *2005 - South Asia Tourism Year

 Ans : SAARC Decade of the Girl Child
 Ans : SAARC Decade of the Rights of the Child
 * 2006-2015
 Ans : Poverty Eradication 
 Ans : Intra Regional Connectivity